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Massage Reflection Seminars and Classes


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Designer Detox Seminar


Have you realized with age it has become increasingly harder to lose weight from some areas but not others like the stomach, arms or thighs?


Leading Fitness Professional Marzia Prince, the HEALTHinista, will discuss the missing link to losing weight from the right areas, regaining your health, burning fat faster, reducing your chance of illness and why sit ups and crunches actually make your stomach bigger!


MONDAY, MARCH 30th at 11am

Location: Massage Reflection

8641 5th Street Ste E9 in Frisco


Space is limited, reserve your seat HERE

Water: The good, the bad and the ugly truth about the water you drink


Confused about what water you should be drinking? How much? What kind? Is bottled water really bad for you? 


The answers are waiting for you in this FREE seminar with special guest Aqua Webb and Marzia Prince. 


See a water analysis, hear about healthy water habits, experience water tastings and a take home a free bag of goodies!



Healthy Hands


Overuse. Abuse. Injury. Aches. Pain. Tired.


If any of these words describe your hands, you are in need of this targeted class.


Aqua Webb, Neuromuscular Therapist, will explain how the repetitive actions of today's workplace and hobbies create the cycle of pain you may be experiencing right now while reading this article. 


In this HANDS ON class (pun intended), you will learn self correcting therapies and treatment for the nagging aches you are experiencing. You will also learn the extremely important prevention exercices you can do from your desk or at home that will allow your hands to truly heal.


Class date in May to be announced.