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Choose the massage modality and time that fits your need. A personalized treatment plan will be created for your specific areas of concern at the time of your service. New clients will need to complete a NEW INTAKE FORM before services begin.


Custom Massage


This massage incorporates the most requested modalities into a custom experience to meet your every need. Whether it is the classic Swedish style massage that incorporates long, smooth flowing strokes to soothe aches and calm frazzled nerves or the deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and sports stretching that address imbalances and pain in the body, you choose the massage best suited to your needs or combine the best of both modalities for unique massage experience!

30 min $45  ::  60 min $75 :: 90 min $115

Hot Stone Massage

The hot river stones are placed on your back for deep muscle relief without the pressure. Stones are also used in a massage fashion for a full body relaxation experience.

60 min $95 :: 90 min $135

Full Body Sugar Scrub  45 min  $75 

Fine organic granuals of sugar buff and polish your skin gently while the moisturizing properites of coconut oil replenish and hydrate your skin to a baby soft feel. Hot Towels are used to remove the scrub product. Choose any scent from our Aromatherapy Menu to add to your scrub. This service is great alone or while recieving a massage.

Pre-Natal Massage

The side-lying massage is given to mommy-to-be in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Extra attention is given to the low back and feet.

60 min $75 :: 90 min $115 

Add-On Services


Add to any 60 min or 90 min massage service. These add-ons will not additional time to the massage service.


  • Reflexology :: Add to massage   $10

  • Back Scrub :: Add to any massage   $10

  • Body Contouring Wrap :: Add to any massage   $30

Reflexology   30 min   $45

This ancient practice involves relieving pain and problems in the body through the stimulation and toxin release around nerve endings located in the hands and feet. One reflexology session can have the same nervous system benefits as a full body massage. You will be amazed at what your feet will tell you!

Volume Purchase Discount Available  

No membership required. No monthly drafts. A simple way to receive discounted services for our loyal return clients.


Purchase a group of four massage services and take $40 off the total bill.

Complementary Additions for Massage Services



Hot Towels   

When a foot massage or reflexology service is requested therapists have hot hot towels ready to warm, soothe and relax tension away.


Herbal Heat Pack  

Sustained heat can be applied to sore areas for deep relief, increased blood flow and relax muscle fibers.


Therapearl Ice Pack 

Cold pack applications can be used after extended deep tissue and trigger point therapy to assist in healing and give relief inflamed muscles.



Choose your favorite essential oil or scent to add a new dimention to your massage experience. Your therapist can discuss available options and help you choose the right blend for your needs.